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New England Seaplanes is committed to running a safe, secure and private flight operation. NES combines many years of professional aviation experience in airline, charter, corporate aviation and seaplane operations to create the best safety culture possible. 

Operate within the limits of your aircraft

Careful consideration should always be given to the capabilities of your aircraft. This includes proper loading and operating specification guidelines set by the aircraft manufacturer. NES is not an authorized FAA 135 charter provider but we will operate your aircraft to the same safety standards.


Know the waterways and weather of New England

The New England coastline is one of the most beautiful regions of the country with some of the most challenging weather patterns. Careful consideration must be given during all phases of seaplane activity in air and on the water. Aviation and maritime regulations apply so knowing how to navigate those rules are a specialty for NES. 

Saltwater operations

While we do enjoy flying to northern, freshwater destinations from time to time most of our operations take place in New England coastal ares. Flying seaplanes in saltwater can be some of the most challenging aspects of an aircraft maintenance program. Proper planning and preventative maintenance is key for safe operations to protect you and your investments. Let NES handle your aircraft maintenance program. 

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