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Launch from a busy airport and land at remote beach.

All part of the ICON lifestyle


New England Seaplanes is now a ICON authorized flight instruction provider (IAFI) to conduct flight training in their amazing ICON A5 aircraft. NES can is working with new owners and deposit holders to get them safety and properly trained on this ultimate adventure machine. 


Contact us with any sales questions and learn how to get yourself into an ICON A5 today. Don't want the hassles of aircraft ownership? Contact us to learn about  our new  ICON A5 membership program. 


Photos by Steve Wymann/ Explore New England Media

About the A5

The ICON A5 is one of the safest aircraft ever built.

  • The A5 is the only aircraft certified by the FAA as "spin resistant" 

  • The A5 can land on land or water

  • Complete Aircraft Parachute (CAP system) that can be deployed during emergency situations 

  • Carbon fiber construction

  • Corrosion resistant metals

  • Folding wings give owners even more versatility with trailer towing options

  • Excellent flying characteristics and stability makes the A5 easy to fly

All of this makes the ICON A5 a great saltwater aircraft which is not common with other seaplanes.


ICON Aircraft has developed training programs for all levels of pilots to fly the A5. Not a pilot yet? No problem. NES can help you navigate the training process to achieve the FAA "Sport Pilot " certification. Our location on Buzzards Bay is a fantastic training area to learn the capabilities of the ICON A5. Training can be conducted in fresh water, salt water, lakes, rivers, harbors and the islands. Flight training services can also be provided at your location to be sure that you are comfortable operating the A5 in your region. 

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